May 04, 2007

Pop Tarts

Enjoyed a night out with the T/E.M. staff Friday - with rock climbing, laser tag, and a cart race. All that kept "racing" through my mind was LeMans, LeMans, LeMans... It was a great B-day for Dawn , but too bad Mike got the Yugo! I am looking forward to exploring new lands and a different culture in less than 2 weeks! Is it crazy to "practice pack" this early? Will I miss pop tarts, wrestling with our cat, paying for gas, setting our alarm clock, the English language, and strolling through libraries; picking up 4-5 new books along the way? Or will I be like a new sponge - my only job to absorb and work through everything that is thrown at us over the next 110 days? I'm betting on cleaning up.