July 27, 2008

Matter of Time

When you think of "time"
what comes to mind?
Other than the basic images
of clocks and watches,
what image speaks to you of time?

Seed packets in the spring?
Baby shoes?
Gray hair?

The honorable "firsts" of life:
-First step.
-First word.
-First day of school.
-Graduation caps.
-Joining the military.
-Joining the Peace Corps.
-Wedding day.
-First car.
-First home.
-First child.
-First grandchild.

Or perhaps time
is all the tiny daily events
held dear:
-Children playing in a river.
-A cat enjoying the sun.
-Soft grass on your bare feet.
-Cool breezes blowing your face.
-Crickets in summer.
-Crunchy leaves in fall.
-Seeing your breath in winter.
Expected and embraced from year to year.
Is that time?

If you have an image of time,
please share.

I haven't heard from some of you
in a long