August 26, 2013

My Basket List

I don't have a bucket list anymore.

A bucket always seemed too finite:
Filled to a certain level,
hard, cold and unwieldy,
carried by one,
the handle pressure
cutting into my time and efforts.

I think my goals are a basket:
Suggesting open air,
and several places 
where others can assist me to carry my burden.

Experiencing a job that brings joy.
Writing every day.
Giving gratitude to friends and family for their presence.
Celebrating beauty in "everyday" things.
Being a good friend.
Finding and using kindness.
Following artistic pursuits.
Exploring and enjoying how strong I can be.
"Barking less and wagging more".
Going outside to feel the sun, enjoy the breeze,
and smile while smelling rain.

Encouraging others to set buckets down,
and try a basket for awhile.

What's in your basket?