July 31, 2007

If You Would Not Fail... #2

What would you do with your life if you knew you would not fail?
From Kim: (USA)
Okay. Tough question. I think I would start another small business...a corner drive thru coffee shop. I would also invest money into the stock market. (Not doing that yet and not sure how). I would like to start up a new ministry at my church. But at the same time I would learn to swim and play in a golf league every week. Maybe I would go to massage therapy school and do massages on the side. Who knows. I guess the possibilities are endless. But with the guarantee of succeeding, I am not sure everything means as much. I think that enjoyment in life is not always in succeeding in everything but in the process of trying, learning, and trying again. I am not sure I would want to succeed at everything.

And from Lisa: (USA)
Travel the world, meet interesting people, write about it and publish, either articles or books. So many places to go . . . and there's a story in every one.

From Jason and Jenn: (USA)

Professionally: Go back to Perdue, combined with my Graphics degree I would then be able to get into Pro/Engineer Mechanical Design. Personally: Continue air-brushing and move into canvas eventually. Jenn would probably start her own business, most likely a bookstore/coffee shop... and would like to start writing books. Both of us: Buy a home with acreage, have kids...