March 10, 2012

Prayers for Peace

Hospice began for her a few days ago.
And I am thousands of miles away
with poor cell signal;
standing by my bedroom window
the only area of my home where
signal and family voices will not fade.

I saw her only a week ago
same smile
same silly sense of humor
same intense love of her children,
grandchildren and great grandchildren;
and she is surrounded by them now.

I pray they can keep her comfortable
without fear
and without pain.

The woman with the beautiful garden
canning tomatoes with steam from
canning jars flushing her cheeks and curling her hair.
Pitting cherries picked from her tree with plans for warm pie.
Washing and snapping the ends off green beans
in the summer evenings laughing with her family around her.

And I pray
With her family around her
Peace will come.