September 26, 2010

Ten Surprises

A friend in China was challenged to blog "10 surprising things" about herself.
She then challenged her readers to do the same.
Sounds like a nice way to rack my brain.

Ten Surprises:

#1 Both my mom and dad were in the military during WW II.
They both recommended I NOT join the military.

#2 I like spiders.

#3 I wish I could wear my crazy flip-flops year-round,
because I'm not a fan of socks.

#4 My grandmother loved to travel, my mom is outspoken,
my father perfected mellow; and I hope I am a good mix of all three.

#5 Life is too serious; I hope I never lose my sense of humor.

#6 I wish I were a more adventurous eater. I'm picky.

#7 In another life I was probably a cab driver. In Chicago. In the 1920's.

#8 I love Halloween. I love creating costumes.
I love candy corn. And caramel apples.

#9 I hope I never stop driving a stick shift.

#10 My dad probably saved me from drowning at a very young age,
(age 2-3, fell in the river; he pulled me out).
I will always love, and yet respect bodies of water.

#11 BONUS! My first spoken word as a baby wasn't " ma-ma" or "pa-pa"
it was a perfectly pronounced "Airplane"... go figure...

Now your turn - you have my list - share yours!

September 14, 2010


I work with patients in a hospital every day.
And every day
I get frustration

I get drug-addled confusion
crazy conversations
and child-like trust.

And sometimes
I get no response at all.

But every day I attempt
to remember that each patient
is terrified they will die
or terrified they may live
worried about finances
worried about their families
worried about their pets
worried that life as they knew it
may never happen again.

And I attempt to remember
and to share
strength when they feel weak
confidence when they feel hopeless
and joy
when they go home.

Remember that all health care workers
cleaning staff
and even people working in the cafeteria...
We all wish that we could go out of business;
wish that no loved-ones would ever be ill
that there would never be a reason for surgery
that no one was sick
or injured
or failing
or dying.

And we are sorry that patients
must have
while they are here.