September 07, 2007

New Travels

I hope Maryluz does not mind being a part of my blog -
her comment was a welcome cool breeze
in what has been a hot and humid week home from France to Illinois.

Will post more Studio Escalier alumni and instructor comments
over the next few weeks, as well as offering quick mini-trips back to
memorable places visited over the past three months.

Above, Argenton-Chateau waterfall
from which John drew inspiration for his outdoor landscape.
Below, more water scenes:
Views near the Seine River in Paris.

Below, Rena at Argenton-Chateau pool
on a day we had the whole pool to ourselves,
and a tiny river at another small town near our home in France.

Now that I have cooled off, other travel plans:
Since I was unable to return to my previous employer,
will be interviewing and experiencing a job search
for the first time since 1999.
Part of my "traveller's joy" will be describing my new adventure;
either looking for a new career - or creating my own business!