January 13, 2008

20 Days and Then Gypsies

Only a few more weeks to enjoy
my home library systems, then on to new libraries.
We will be gypsies soon...
although I consider gypsies
more of
with an adventurous streak".
No job, no permanent place to stay yet,
but looking forward to the fun
of the unknown;
for a place to call home for awhile.
Friends ask, "It is warm there now, right"?
No, 7000 feet up = temperatures
colder than Illinois,
pretty much all year.
"An artist paradise",
is what is written in the guide books
and on the websites
also more artists-per-mile
= more competition,
= more visual distractions,
= more difficult to display J's talents....
But we have been before,
and our breaths
were taken away,
and our imaginations will
soar again.