December 26, 2010

Who Will Help On Boxing Day?

Boxing Day:
A clue to Boxing Day's origins appears in the Christmas Carol, "Good King Wenceslas". Wenceslas, who was Duke of Bohemia in the early 10th century, was surveying his land on St. Stephen's Day, 26 December, when he saw a poor man gathering wood in the middle of a snowstorm. Moved, the King gathered up surplus food and wine and carried them through the blizzard to the peasant's door. The alms-giving tradition has always been closely associated with the Christmas season, but King Wenceslas' good deed came the day after Christmas, when the English poor received most of their charity.

A plan for today:
You know all the NEW stuff
you will use and enjoy in 2011?
Now think of
the older stuff...
Box up those clothes,
old blankets and towels,
dented pot and pans,
and all the things
you don't use
you haven't used
that don't fit
that went to the back of your closet
deep in your cupboards
gathering dust and cobwebs in your garage...

Take time
pack them up
drive to your nearest
Salvation Army
Homeless Donation Area
Humane Society

and give
to those who
use them.