November 24, 2007

Mickey the Cat

Mickey the cat went to be with her friends;
Sully, Shadow, Fuzzibutt, and Beamer
on the morning of November 24, 2007.

She was a very friendly cat who would always
choose whose lap to sit on,
liked playing with her reflection in a full length mirror,
would stand on her hind legs and dance (a little bit),
liked meeting and talking to people,
did "OK" with Mom Chaney's dog, Scooter,
enjoyed couch armrests that were built cat-wide,
kept a close eye on the birds outside the window,
and always came to the front door to greet us
when we came home from work.
She was a barn cat
who was found as a very tiny kitten
abandoned by her mother.
A little bit of a tiger-striped,
matted tail kitten who looked more like
a baby mouse than a cat.
That's why we called her
"Mickey" (mouse).
As she got bigger at the barn,
she was the one of the 13 cats
who would stand in the middle
of the trough of cat food
(long story - just imagine what chickens eat out of,
then imaging how to have
13 cats eat out of one long cat dish...)
- well Mickey would climb
into the trough of food and
play king of the mountain -
shoving the adult cats out of her way
while she ate her food,
growling and puffing up her fur
to look bigger and badder.

She came to our house
and ended up being a
dainty eater.
Go figure.
She spent the summer of 2007 at
summer camp
with her friend Jenny
and Jenny's cat, Reanna;
a special needs cat who
Mickey worked with
to show her how to
play like a cat.
She also had a favorite aunt, Lisa,
who always smelled like other cats,
but had neat drawstrings
on her coat for Mickey to play with.

She was seven years old.
The doctors believe it was probably
a brain tumor
that was taking her favorite things away.