June 23, 2010

Swan Dive or Belly Flop?

Update on our old, trusty Canon Camera.
Date of "birth": 2005.

Current medical status:
Possible life support via Canon Repair Hospital located in California

Estimated hospital bill:
Approximately $90

Cause of injury: Fall from height greater than my head...
Onto concrete.
Camera not wearing a helmet;
had on minimal protective case,
with resulting internal trauma.


Planned recovery date and discharge from repair hospital:
Late July?

Past Medical History:
Exploring Chicago 2005-2007.
Wonderful adventure to France and Italy 2007.
Travels around Illinois and New Mexico,
and road trip between the two states.
Family, friends, life, fun and food.
Always willing to work hard within seconds
and put up with car rides, bike rides, canoe rides, purse rides.

Medical Treatment Plan:
Surgical repair and full recovery.

Family Support:
Considering adopting a younger, faster, highly intelligent sibling
for possible apprentice support.