August 10, 2007


First, the Contest Winner: The winner of the computer monster clock contest is.....
K.K. with her winning entry of "Pink Floyd"! K may plan on perusing the complete contents of this blog from the first photo (from early May 2007), to the last day posted for France (Which will be 30th August , 2007), to decide on her three 5x7" photo prints from any posted here.
Congratulations to K and to all who entered - and in conferring with the other judges (OK, so just John...), we have agreed that all who entered this contest will be able to contact us after 1st September for their own copy of a photo of their choice. (Probably only one photo per person, but check and see; we may feel generous...)

I noted that yesterday was the three week countdown for returning to US soil, so I wanted to share some thoughts:

After next week, will be on the road in France
for the last two weeks of our 2007 Europe Tour
and I have a few things to mention before
our blog suffers from motion sickness.

Looking forward to the last three weeks of our 110 days in France.

I feel that I have accomplished much:
- Learned how to navigate through a laptop computer.
- Learned “blogging” is another term for a glorified
journal or diary - just no little lock to keep people out.
- Learned (and remembered), I love to write.
- Learned I should have switched all our bills to auto-pay
a long time ago, and do not miss writing checks.
- Learned it is possible and satisfying to complete
an online course from anywhere, including France.
- Learned all about “Internationally Published”
text books, and how much I save by purchasing.
- Learned how to co-exist with eight “strangers”
in an apartment setting for 3 months.
- Learned much of each person I met
associated with this session of Studio Escalier.
- Learned that after three months strangers
are no longer strangers; but friends.
- Learned that email and comments on my blog
are almost as good as snail mail and packages.
- Learned that three months of sharing every meal
between sunrise and sunset with the man of my dreams
for the past 20 years…Has been great.
- Learned that I am more than a name on my business cards at home.
- Learned that taking a “Personal Leave of Absence” may just
change our lives.
- Learned no job position is ever guaranteed.

Learned it is OK to:
- lay on the ground and stare at the clouds for hours.
- read fiction for fun.
- eat rich dark chocolate and feel happy about it.
- “butcher” the French language on a regular basis.
- not have to go out to eat more than once a week.
- use one dresser drawer for all clothing needed - 110 days!
- let “things” go.
- dream about the future.
- appreciate who my friends are - thanks everyone…