June 09, 2007

Answer #2

Another nice, relaxing, sunny, funny day here in France. J painted for a few hours in one of the main squares today, but took a break to pose by one of the cuter cars in town. Finished another good book, and some of my friends will be happy to note more fiction than non-fiction. Enjoyed another pizza from the pizza truck again tonight; my usual, and J tried (first) a pizza with artichokes, onion, tuna, asparagus, and a raw egg (yuck!), then switched to another pizza with creme fresh (cheesy-sour cream), ham, onion, and chevre (goat) cheese, (yum!). Have been enjoying learning more about the other students in J's class, and was entertained this evening by one trying to read French conversational statements from a French/English translation book - comparable to good stand-up comedy. The evenings here are glorious; light, cool breeze, sundown is just now occurring at 10:30 at night; with hues varying from deep purple to soft yellowish-pink. Have not mentioned the unusual aspect of the skies in this area, we do not seem to be in a major flight zone, very few jet trails in the sky - makes for some "purity of the sky", which sounds unusual, but to experience it is great! Now, for another answer to a question - move here permanently? Could see a summer home, if we had the money...Could see retiring here six months out of the year, if we had the money... Could imagine a lot of different possibilities, but with families and friends and a cat in USA, unless they consider coming along, it would be a tough move. But the light, and the slow pace, and the richness of the food and drink are going to be hard to replicate when we return. Have a great weekend. M