January 31, 2011


A friend of mine recently posted a list of
"What Makes Me Feel Normal"
on a day that she felt out of sorts.

I'm in:
(In no particular order)

Opening one of my Dr Seuss books;
and reading like it is the first time.

Wooden clothes pins,
wet laundry on a clothesline;
middle of summer.

Painting my toenails "Summer Purple".

Laughing on the phone
with family and friends.

Receiving snail mail;
personal postcards, small boxes and letters!

Dusting off my
grade school/high school yearbooks
and smiling at our hair.

Playing with the
wedding ring on my finger
in a ray of sunlight.

Sitting outside with a breeze on my face,
reading with a radio on nearby.

Rubbing the belly
of either of our cats.

Holding John's hand.

January 25, 2011

San Diego/Hillcrest Rock and Walk

I will be traveling
to San Diego
every two months
for continued
Feldenkrais training:
Whale watching was on
"my list of things to see and do"
during this trip.
Surfing lessons
next trip!


January 11, 2011

"127 Hours" - Whew.

I've enjoyed a few movies in the last few weeks.
In my humble opinion; they all rock:
"True Grit" - more wonderful than the first version,
(which was among my "favorites of all time").

"The King's Speech" - a history lesson,
a lesson in learning about others,
and a lesson in friendship.
Uplifting and eye-opening.

And just this evening:
"127 Hours"
Glad I didn't take along
anyone who would have freaked;
because they WOULD have freaked...
And to those others in the auditorium:
You really SHOULD
read reviews
and possibly
before you view a movie based on a
in which a
lonely hiker gets into trouble;
and a part of him
is trapped by a rock
with only one way
he can complete escape
and survive...
This ain't Disney, folks.
But it was a fine movie,
and almost as good as the book.
(And I apologize to those
who started IN the auditorium,
and could not stomach
staying IN
and had to leave
during the

I'm packing a big, sharp, serrated knife
on my next hike...