July 11, 2009

Jell-o Thoughts

"Raising a teenager is like nailing Jell-o to a tree".

What is it about Jell-o?

We enjoyed a lovely evening meal under the trees
and bid a fond farewell to Deb & Wayne as they head back to Texas.

Dinner conversation veered
from people getting struck by lightning...
Lost and found (and lost) cats...
To a new and wonderful Santa Fe Italian restaurant.

And somewhere in the middle
we began to discuss

Comparisons of strange combinations
of unusual food groups
mixed with various fruity-flavored Jell-o;
church-basement secret Jell-o creations,
unusual and inappropriate Jell-o molds
meat mixed into Jell-o,
and Jell-o shots in college (and beyond).

What does Jell-o mean to you?
Cool summer treats?
Creepy Jell-o molds with who-know-what inside?
The 1950's?
Or 60's?
Or 70's?
Or 80's?
Or last week?
The ultimate hospital food?
Something to be mixed with Cool Whip?

And what food truly belongs together with
this quivering mountain of gelatinous goo?

Here is your challenge:
Report the BEST and WORST combo with Jell-o in the mix.

Happy Jell-o hunting!