June 10, 2007

French Highlands

Highland Games today in Bressuire - took a van with four other classmates for the afternoon- gray day with occasional sprinkles, but was interesting to see how other countries run an event such as this. Seemed like a lot of ex-pats at the event - several groups of people speaking English throughout the day. Held at the Bressuire Chateau which consists of the original castle ruins, and a newer chateau structure, which is also under renovation. The sporting field was a corner of the ancient courtyard, and the crumbling archways, and stone structures made for an interesting backdrop. Final photo was taken under a red and gold tent, so the color may appear a little more yellow than normal... the fish and chips in the foreground marked an end to my official title of vegetarian, but the fish was wonderful. J enjoyed sausages, and both plates included slices of a baguette, cheese, apple, and french fries; all for 5 Euros. Met the 2005/2006 World Champion, and got his autograph!