July 24, 2007

Happy Mail

Emails are almost as nice as letters. They take time to compose, and you can add little surprises, like photos for a full effect. Heard from friends I have not seen in more than 5 years - are doing well, and added some photos of their family and their adventures. Communicating on a more frequent level has also been wonderful. Long chats that were not possible with people out of town, discussing the future with friends; when in the past we would have been distracted by the daily crush of our busy schedules. Listening to suggestions and hints for future plans with "no strings attached". Slowing our pace, and now our friends have been forced to slow their comments, suggestions and replies. They seem comfortable taking their time, composing their thoughts, and discussing their dreams.

Friendship truly can surround the world like a warm blanket, and a comfortable chair. Thanks to our family and friends out there. M