September 06, 2009

Gloom & Doom

Gloomy thoughts?
Doom-y dreams?
Pissed-off prose?
Grumpy greetings?
Sad and bad memories?
Funky food?
Moldy musings?
Negative nodding?
Reckless rants?

If you feel the need to
lighten this load...
Please send your gloomy thoughts to me,
and I will happily add them to
Zozobra's stuffing.

Notes and drawings
will be accepted up until the morning of
this Wednesday, September 9th.

And by the 10th of September:

Like a pine tree
releasing tired things;
shedding dead needles and
old pine cones
at the end of summer...
Hoping for growth
of stronger and better life.

All gloomy thoughts
will become smoke and ashes.