April 30, 2009

"Other Life" American Dream

There is your dream life
and your dream mate
your dream house
dream vacation
maybe even a dream meal/dessert in your mind.

What about
other dreams?

Back of your mind - dreams?

Yes, I have spoke about
childhood dreams
and imagination.

What about dreams
if you were to lead another life?

Sometimes (usually while driving), I speak of
"in my other life..."
I have always assumed I would
drive a cab

in my other life.

I love to drive.
If money and time were no object
I have always wanted to try

race car driving
extreme defensive driving (FBI, CIA?)

getting a job with "Motor Week"
test driving cars before they
hit the showrooms.

I love driving on really wide open roads
I love crazy city driving
I prefer stick shifts
I love the smell of "new car"
I even enjoyed spending time recently,
at the Department of Motor Vehicles;
they indicated how they appreciated
"how mellow I was" and said I should
"apply for a job here".
I love the smell of tires in a tire shop.
I like truck stops.
I love driving 80 MPH with all the windows down
listening to Credence Clearwater Revival.

I love junk yards.
I enjoy car shows.

I like seeing older taillights ahead of me,
guessing the make, model and year of the car
and being right.

Is this a real American Dream
or a pun, chuckle, laugh?

Not sure,
but I just emailed a query
about a job opening:
"Shuttle Driver
Santa Fe to Albuquerque Airport".

Yep, I'm driven.