June 23, 2010

Swan Dive or Belly Flop?

Update on our old, trusty Canon Camera.
Date of "birth": 2005.

Current medical status:
Possible life support via Canon Repair Hospital located in California

Estimated hospital bill:
Approximately $90

Cause of injury: Fall from height greater than my head...
Onto concrete.
Camera not wearing a helmet;
had on minimal protective case,
with resulting internal trauma.


Planned recovery date and discharge from repair hospital:
Late July?

Past Medical History:
Exploring Chicago 2005-2007.
Wonderful adventure to France and Italy 2007.
Travels around Illinois and New Mexico,
and road trip between the two states.
Family, friends, life, fun and food.
Always willing to work hard within seconds
and put up with car rides, bike rides, canoe rides, purse rides.

Medical Treatment Plan:
Surgical repair and full recovery.

Family Support:
Considering adopting a younger, faster, highly intelligent sibling
for possible apprentice support.


June 19, 2010


Broke the camera.

June 08, 2010

Yard and Casita Stuff

My friends and family
always wonder what is new
at the "Howlin' Dog Bunkhouse".
Thought I could update
their imaginations!

As the garden took shape
and the two or three nights
below freezing
did not kill them;
they stayed warm and huddled
on a sun-warmed
stone and concrete bench.

And now:
Itty-bitty tomatoes on the vines in my garden!

Futon - seating...

Futon - bed!

Thanks, Maggie! Direct trade of chiminea for hammock...
Just have to build a roaring fire some evening!

No more lavender walls - now we have
"toasted waffle"...

Outdoor (human) cafe
near the garden
and the hummingbird cafe.

Krista; so many of your things
now resting in my window
waiting to become sun-drenched still-life paintings.

June 06, 2010

Very Long Roadtrip

Wow, a month has gone by and I have no idea where I've been...
Except this past weekend!
Carlsbad Caverns National Park near Carlsbad, New Mexico
is about a 5-1/2 to 6-1/2 hour trip from Santa Fe.
Thus the reason we rose, (with our bleary-eyed friend Dianne),
and got on the road at 5 a.m. Saturday morning.

We tried to limit flash photography,
and tended to look more like
deer in headlights
or surprised moles
when facing THAT much light...

If you consider a trip to Carlsbad Caverns,
I highly recommend taking the guided tours.
We were lucky to get tickets (a few weeks in advance!),
to King's Palace and Left Hand Tunnel;
the Left Hand Tunnel is via hand-held candle-powered lanterns
over un-paved various surfaces
a MUST in my opinion.

The other areas we visited were all paved with
safety railings and artificial lights
making them more glorious and awe-inspiring
while viewing each cavern.
Other guided tours are available,
including getting down and dirty
with headlamps, elbow and knee pads
into itty-bitty tiny crawlspaces;
when you exit those tours
you all look like miners.
Maybe next time...
For more information about Carlsbad Canyons...

And don't forget!
Rosewell, New Mexico is along the way...