August 15, 2008

Day Ten

Tonight I have been able to sit up for 4 hours now,
and the pain is not too bad;
so I thought I could write a quick update.

First, thanks for all the emails, comments, and phone calls,
I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

Second, a quick update:
No, I do not yet have an appointment with a neurologist.
Yes, I did get an order today for physical therapy -
although I AM concerned that my doctor stated,
"therapy ONLY for the shoulder & arm - NOT on the neck..."

Third, I have come to realize a few things:
-I am lucky to be able to find comfortable positions,
because I know there are many out there who never do...
-I have a great husband - nuf said.
-I also have great friends, family and BOSSES.
-I take really good "ground level" photography
when I have nothing else to do all day, and
I am glad for my two entertaining hummingbird feeders.

I think I'm on my way back...


Oh...And a note about the sizes of "my" hummingbirds:
The red feeder base at the bottom of the feeder is only
1-1/2 inches high... (About 4 cm).

And I have escorted three of those little buggers
out of my house today!