July 16, 2007


Sabbatical...That is the term for this French adventure. Quiet time to reflect on careers and plans for the future. John will be entering additional thoughts in a bit, but I should start things rolling. I love my job, the location, my co-workers and those I work with on a daily basis. My work is in town where I live; a quick 10 minute drive, or a hilly 20 minute bike ride. Wonderful equipment and facilities, and the staff is my second family. Most assume my leave for a "French Adventure" is only to support my husband in his dream.

That is not entirely true. There are certain skills and specialties I enjoy, and have worked through several years of continuing education and additional training to supplement those skills .There is time here for studying and considering additional options to increase my satisfaction with "how" I help others. Have enjoyed communicating with old and new friends (through a wonder that is the internet), and appreciate how they have taken quiet time to prepare for what they now love to do every day.

I am hoping to be at that level soon. Always looking for advice. M