May 15, 2007

In France

In France: The view of the farmlands from the plane prior to landing; greener than anything currently in the midwest. Rude French people? - NO! Everyone we came into contact with was friendly and eager to help, in fact we were mistaken for being a French couple at the London airport by an elderly French couple who asked for assistance, after we had greeted them earlier with a polite "bonjour", and then had to explain "No, parlez vous Englaise"? Luckily they did "parle" English, and chuckled about the mistake. Crazy drivers? I'm guessing there is a motorcycle helmet law in France - as those bikers will weave through traffic- driving ON the dotted white division lines in 3-4 lanes of traffic, and the motorcycle cops do the same! We've checked into a lovely hotel after getting an impromptu tour from a friendly cabbie - saw Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and some yummy-looking open-air fruit/vegetable markets. I hope today's note goes through well - as the internet hookup we've attached to only offers FRENCH prompts for me to get through. Viva la France!