November 08, 2009

Celebration #1 and Other Events

Celebration #1:
Consisted of some good tequila and triple sec,
fresh limes, crushed ice, and salt for the rims
of the margarita glasses;
purchased while in Guadalajara, Mexico.

We are celebrating the successful sale of our Illinois home.

Our Illinois house was in the need of
someone who could enjoy the warmth and comfort
on a more regular basis:
More than we were able to offer
the last few years.

In 2005-2006 we were in Chicago most weekends,
300 mile round-trips, which limited "home time".

In 2007 we were in France for 100 days;
also limiting "home time".

In 2008 we traveled to Santa Fe for 9 months;
also limiting "home time",
and within our first few months here;
realized we were destined to move to Santa Fe "for good"

Early 2009 we prepared our house for sale;
found a great realtor,
and a nice electrician,
chated with a cement flooring repairman,
painted and spackled in all the rooms,
and put in shiny new appliances,
and a shiny new furnace,
and a shiny new A/C system.
Paid someone else to climb the 30 feet up
to scrape and paint all outside wooden areas;
including all 30+ wood frames around each window,

and all other wooden touches found on our craftsman-style house.

And on the 2nd of November:
A new person took ownership
of a warm house with many happy memories.
I'm planning on sending him a Thank You card.

Other news of note:
Thanks to Deb & Wayne who shared the idea of "date night";
Wednesday is now our offical night.

We are still planning Celebration #2;
maybe by December.