April 21, 2009

Contest Continues: How Big is an Amercian Dream?

How big is your American Dream?
Just for you?
You, your family, and a few choice friends?
You and everyone you know?
You and everyone in your neighborhood?
Your city?
Your state?
This world?

And as you accomplish
these dreams along the way...
Do they get bigger,
or nearer to home?

How close are you
to finalizing the dream...

And what to do with dreams
that do not make the cut?
Push them into the back of your sock drawer?
Give them to friends - like a strange jello salad?
Hide them in a corner of your cobweb-filled garage?
Or hang them at eye level
(refrigerator or maybe the bathroom mirror)
to look them in the eye
until done?

What dreams have you let go of...
Will you pick them up again...

I'm enjoying reading entries from those
"I have yet to meet".
How about a few more
familiar names
a few more
unfamiliar names?

I double-dog-dare you!

That is today's American Dream.