June 30, 2008

Off The High Dive

(Image from: www.dailyiowan.com)

Biggest dare you have ever agreed to? Did it go well?
Craziest dream you ever followed? Successful?
Weirdest food you have been willing to try? Good or bad?
Shortest job you ever worked? Why?
Biggest crowd you have "performed" to? Speech, song, theater, dance?
I will share a few of my "high dive" stunts if you do!

Biggest dare:
Streaking around a girlfriend's house
age 12 or so,
within view of a cemetery.
Thank goodness for thick landscape bushes...

What was YOUR biggest dare?
I dare you to share.

And the "Off The High Dive"?
I never had to be dared:
I love heights,
and water!

(Image from: www.gccommunitycenter.com)
- This is the pool where I work...