May 26, 2012

Netherlands Friends/Fun #4

Working on the 360 degree photos
A little confusing.

Anna took Mercia's advice
and yes, she likes this beer.

Happy tulip skirt!

We decided we did not need any...
Native American

Passed on these burgers, too.

"hey I need a photo of that
teeny car"!

This is not what
the "Discount" train car looked like...
This is what the First-Class car looks like.
And I had a "Second-Class" ticket.

Excusing the rain and smudge on the window:

NOT our hotel.
A funky modern art exhibit in
The Hague.
(Yes, those are thousands of crystals
and a skull on the bedside table)

Netherlands Friends/Fun #3

The canal near my
Feldenkrais class in Amsterdam
I like the rowers.
And the rather large boat.

Interior of the space
for the Amsterdam Feldenkrais class,
(Pre set-up)
warm, inviting
and met many welcoming practitioners-to be!


May 24, 2012

Netherlands! #4

Outside the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam:
Loving the drain spouts!

The "XXX"
The coat of arms
is everywhere in The Netherlands;
the three x's are to represent the three types of
disasters that had plagued the country
X - Floods  (The majority of the country is under sea level)
X - Fires  (Many buildings have thatched roofs - burn easily)
X - Disease (Rats and sewage could sicken a continent)

Also note that many of the city buildings
are tall and narrow;
making moving furniture up or down skinny steps difficult.
Note the support bar near the tops of many buildings -
some are still used for furniture moving!

A short walk from Novotel Amsterdam
to the corner bakery
and back!

Go Colonel!
(KFC's everywhere)

Pumpkin soup on a cold blustery day.

I have a matching bumper sticker, too!

Tony in the tour bus:
On the way to...
not sure.
(The Hague?)
Giving a brief description
well, I can't quite recall.
but it was a good lesson!


We stopped the tour bus at one
ancient windmill
(with thatched roof and ducks in the pond),
climbed a nearby hill
and discovered some friendly sheep.
We and they...  were amused.

The fishing village where
the Herring Incident
took place...

A house
(from the bus window)
with cement goose
in the yard.
But they get the real ones, too.

For the rappin' cats in your life.

Indonesian restaurant
De Poentjak,
The Hague.
I didn't even think I
Until now.
Oh, and it was
David-the-Elder's birthday, too!
(he is 83!)

The Hague
every street.


And in honor of meeting
She painted her shoes...

And her nails!