June 08, 2010

Yard and Casita Stuff

My friends and family
always wonder what is new
at the "Howlin' Dog Bunkhouse".
Thought I could update
their imaginations!

As the garden took shape
and the two or three nights
below freezing
did not kill them;
they stayed warm and huddled
on a sun-warmed
stone and concrete bench.

And now:
Itty-bitty tomatoes on the vines in my garden!

Futon - seating...

Futon - bed!

Thanks, Maggie! Direct trade of chiminea for hammock...
Just have to build a roaring fire some evening!

No more lavender walls - now we have
"toasted waffle"...

Outdoor (human) cafe
near the garden
and the hummingbird cafe.

Krista; so many of your things
now resting in my window
waiting to become sun-drenched still-life paintings.