June 19, 2007


Answer #6 - Critter Count...Current count of all sightings since 17th of May: Rabbits (6) wild; Chickens/roosters (7) domestic and yes, still clucking; Dogs (too many to count - we are two doors down from a veterinarian); Cats (7-8) some "street cats", some domestic + (2) really cute kittens; Squirrels (none); Raccoons (also none); Donkeys (4); Horses (10-12); Cows (more than I or anyone else, for that matter - can count), Other? Yes, Fox (1), although I'm not sure if roadkill counts...; Bats (also, unable to get accurate count for obvious reasons); Snails (about 4-5 live, usually on the ground, usually slow movers, and also, usually about 3-4" long); Geckos (too many...too quick). Hope that answers that question, thus far...