August 26, 2013

My Basket List

I don't have a bucket list anymore.

A bucket always seemed too finite:
Filled to a certain level,
hard, cold and unwieldy,
carried by one,
the handle pressure
cutting into my time and efforts.

I think my goals are a basket:
Suggesting open air,
and several places 
where others can assist me to carry my burden.

Experiencing a job that brings joy.
Writing every day.
Giving gratitude to friends and family for their presence.
Celebrating beauty in "everyday" things.
Being a good friend.
Finding and using kindness.
Following artistic pursuits.
Exploring and enjoying how strong I can be.
"Barking less and wagging more".
Going outside to feel the sun, enjoy the breeze,
and smile while smelling rain.

Encouraging others to set buckets down,
and try a basket for awhile.

What's in your basket?


May 10, 2013

Sheaffer Pens and Family Trees

It all started with a fountain pen
discovered while clearing out my parents' basement...

A fountain pen
which I originally thought was
my Great Aunt's...
I discover now
(after a few hours of searching a genealogy site),
is my Great-Grandmother's pen.

My father was not one for talking about his family tree,
but I think he would be proud of this tree:
My father:
son of Earle and Vera.
son of
Frank and Lelia, (the owner of the pen in question).
son of Edward and Margaret...
And at that point the trail is running cold.

I found a photograph of Lelia;
It looks like springtime; she's smiling,
sitting under the shade of some flowering tree.

Finally it is time to write again.
I have found the joy of writing and of
creating single letters and beautiful words
through calligraphy.
Thank you, Lelia!

January 22, 2013

Maryon Chaney R.I.P.

The Visitation and Funeral services for
mom - Maryon Chaney
will be held Friday, January 25th
Esterdahl's Funeral Home, Moline, IL
Noon- 1:00 Visitation
1:00 Memorial service
Military Service at Rock Island Arsenal Cemetery immediately following.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to
Living Lands and Waters