September 19, 2007


United States has been referred to as a "Melting Pot",
(several mixes of ingredients in a soup),
but I believe we are more of a jambalaya -
overall a mix of healthy and spicy ingredients,
fresh from the land, sauteed and simmered
until a perfect mix of flavors are released,
and yet offering distinct and specialized
tastes of the history of all the people.

We enjoy a local ice cream store
with several locations in our town,
lately they have added ice cream flavors;
new tastes reminiscent of other ethnic groups, with excellent results.
And yet our local libraries and schools
struggle for funding to stay open,
and can only offer small amounts of information
easily comprehended by recent immigrants.

This is my next plan of action:
Sweeten the flavors at my local library
to include those who struggle to live here.
Stay tuned on how this travel progresses.