September 19, 2007


United States has been referred to as a "Melting Pot",
(several mixes of ingredients in a soup),
but I believe we are more of a jambalaya -
overall a mix of healthy and spicy ingredients,
fresh from the land, sauteed and simmered
until a perfect mix of flavors are released,
and yet offering distinct and specialized
tastes of the history of all the people.

We enjoy a local ice cream store
with several locations in our town,
lately they have added ice cream flavors;
new tastes reminiscent of other ethnic groups, with excellent results.
And yet our local libraries and schools
struggle for funding to stay open,
and can only offer small amounts of information
easily comprehended by recent immigrants.

This is my next plan of action:
Sweeten the flavors at my local library
to include those who struggle to live here.
Stay tuned on how this travel progresses.


Heather said...

I think that is a wonderful idea and Jambalaya is a great metaphor for the so-called melting pot. (And so yummy, too.)

I appreciate the idea of creating community so much more now since I'm older and have had the opportunity to live in places where community - and diversity - is treasured. If we all do just a little we can create truly amazing places to live.

Heather said...

I have to share this - I cannot access blogspot blogs from within China. In order to see them, I use a program called TOR that sort of hides the webpage I am viewing from the firewalls in place in China. In order to do that, the webpage gets sent around to different servers in different countries. (That probably is not technically right, but I am not really sure how it works.) Anyway, every time I visit blogspot, the language changes according to the country that the signal was sent through. Sometimes the blogspot bar and comments directions are in Russian, Spanish, English, etc. BUT, when I comment on your page, I always find the comment directions are in French!

M said...

I guess our computer has spent more time in France than anywhere else, and since "babies" tend to learn and remember their first language, I guess French will be "her" strong communication tool.
We bought our laptop about two weeks before leaving for France in May.
I guess I will have to come up with a French "name" for the computer, now that she has a mind of her own! The world wide web is bizarre...