August 15, 2008

Day Ten

Tonight I have been able to sit up for 4 hours now,
and the pain is not too bad;
so I thought I could write a quick update.

First, thanks for all the emails, comments, and phone calls,
I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

Second, a quick update:
No, I do not yet have an appointment with a neurologist.
Yes, I did get an order today for physical therapy -
although I AM concerned that my doctor stated,
"therapy ONLY for the shoulder & arm - NOT on the neck..."

Third, I have come to realize a few things:
-I am lucky to be able to find comfortable positions,
because I know there are many out there who never do...
-I have a great husband - nuf said.
-I also have great friends, family and BOSSES.
-I take really good "ground level" photography
when I have nothing else to do all day, and
I am glad for my two entertaining hummingbird feeders.

I think I'm on my way back...


Oh...And a note about the sizes of "my" hummingbirds:
The red feeder base at the bottom of the feeder is only
1-1/2 inches high... (About 4 cm).

And I have escorted three of those little buggers
out of my house today!


Anonymous said...

Your photography IS beautiful. A tremendous sense of composition. I esp. love the glads with the tiles.
Very happy you are on your way back. We really miss seeing you and knowing that you are there backing up the artists. Don't push too hard...don't rush it.

J/M said...

Thanks Deb.
I think just having SOMETHING to do (taking photos) helped me get a little more cheerful perspective on being flat on my back.
I averaged between 50-100 photos per day while I was fully out of commission. Most shots weren't that great, but with a digital camera, that was OK.
I know I will probably be off work,(at least the direct patient-care) for a little while longer, but after a 2 hour visit to the library & the post office by car today, I feel like I'm getting stronger.

Krista said...

Hi Marty,
Glad to hear you are doing a bit better! I posted a flower for you on my blog just now. I hope you keep feeling better every day.
Big hugs,

lsia said...

Glad to hear it. I've been going into Marty e-mail withdrawal. Not that I have time to read email, what with moderating five meltdown calls per day from committee people, but it's nice knowing there's a voice of sanity out there.

Love the ground level shots. You should do an exhibit. "what I did while flat on my back" or "My achy breaky photograph-ee." It has concept written all over it.

TTFN, Elle/L

Beth H. said...

Marty I am sorry you are feeling so awful, but it doesn't seem to dampen your spirit here! Thank you! I love the photo of the sky! When I was in London, I took never ending photos of the sky! Not because I was in pain (though I was... hmmm maybe it WAS that), but because the light was so different there. I have a few on my blog recently.

I have to say, I messed up my hip joints (holy cow, what am I a granny at 38?) and suddenly you do get a sense of the fragility of time and life-- for me it was a good thing! I love my body and I'd like to keep it for awhile!

Enjoy the pain of PT! My exercises hurt like hell, but my PT was HOT!