August 12, 2008

Seven Days

Hi this is John, taking dictation from Marty.

Day One:
Date: Wednesday August 6th.
5:45am. Sharp pain down my left shoulder and arm woke me up.
I got up; thinking I had slept on my arm wrong.
By 7:00am, the pain had gotten worse.
7:15, we headed toward an urgent care clinic.
It opened at 8:00 and we saw the doctor at 9:00.
Vitals were fine, EKG was fine, declined pain meds.
Doctor R thought perhaps I "slept on it wrong".
Went home, sat up and read some books;
pain stayed the same.

Day Two:
Night before was horrible.
Now painful to sit up or stand up.
Went back to Doctor R;
who prescribed pain meds,
took (standing) x-rays of neck from six different positions;
I was not a happy camper.
Flat on my back all day Thursday;
hurts rolling to the left or right, sitting or standing.

Day Three:
Thursday night was horrible.
Saw doctor R again, Friday .
Two additional x-rays of my neck,
and received appointment for MRI for that evening.
(I hope that is the only MRI I ever need;
pain; not bad, noise: ear piercing,
claustrophobic? not bad)

Day Four:
Flat on my back.
Ran out of pain meds,
switched to over-the-counter;
no difference.
(MRI report is due Monday).

Day Five
Pretty much like day four.

Day Six:
No call from Doctor R until 4:30,
Asked us to come to the office;
"pinched nerve"... "compressed disc"... "arthritis".
Radiologist used terms "minimal" and "moderate".
Referred me to Neurologist.
Rx for new pain killers.

Day Seven:
Tuesday August 12th.
Last night not too bad:
("Ahhhh, pain killers").
Called neurologist's office;
they will need to receive all reports
before they can schedule appointment.
No call back today.

Tuesday evening:
View from my yoga mat in the living room,
of our unusual ceiling...


Deb said...

Thank you for the update. Have you counted the slats in the ceiling? Glad the painkillers are kicking in a bit.
Hate having you out of commission.

J/M said...

I'll start counting today, but math is hard!

Anonymous said...

Kathy said...

Marty, I can hardly bear to hear of you being in pain. I can feel it all the way here in Iowa. Doctors can be such idiots, (read ******) but hopefully they will be able to fix you up. Kathy
August 14, 2008 6:22 PM

Elle/L said...

A word to the wise: Never refuse pain killers. (!!)

Sorry to year you're in such pain. I feel it all the way here.

(Just tell me the doctor didn't say something stupid like, "you're in pretty good shape for a woman your age." That one always drives me wild."

Middle-age is hard! Lisa