August 03, 2008

Casita Wildlife

Current count for
wildlife in our casita:
Squirrel, hummingbirds, cats, dog.

1 squirrel:
walked in, looked at me, sauntered out.
2 hummingbirds:
First flew to living room screen;
problem was discussed
with bird #1,
bird was successfully carried to door,
and flew away yelling.
Second flew to kitchen screen;
problem was discussed
with bird #2,
he climbed on my finger
was carried to feeder
and was convinced that location
was a much better place for him.

(Maybe a photo if it happens again).
Cats: Two have been wandering
by our open front door,
but none seem willing to enter;
although the smallest
poked his head around the doorway yesterday...
Elderly Black Labrador;
belongs to neighbor up on the hill,
wandered to doorway,
wagged his tail,
and wandered away.

I've got to get some snacks if I keep having visitors...

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