June 10, 2007

French Highlands

Highland Games today in Bressuire - took a van with four other classmates for the afternoon- gray day with occasional sprinkles, but was interesting to see how other countries run an event such as this. Seemed like a lot of ex-pats at the event - several groups of people speaking English throughout the day. Held at the Bressuire Chateau which consists of the original castle ruins, and a newer chateau structure, which is also under renovation. The sporting field was a corner of the ancient courtyard, and the crumbling archways, and stone structures made for an interesting backdrop. Final photo was taken under a red and gold tent, so the color may appear a little more yellow than normal... the fish and chips in the foreground marked an end to my official title of vegetarian, but the fish was wonderful. J enjoyed sausages, and both plates included slices of a baguette, cheese, apple, and french fries; all for 5 Euros. Met the 2005/2006 World Champion, and got his autograph!


Anonymous said...

What are the locals' living quarters? Brownstone type, standalone homes, apts., something else entirely? What do the townsfolk do for a living? What is their main source of income? How necessary are cars to natives?

L2 said...

The Scots and the French have been old friends - the so called "auld alliance." Kind of a case of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," but it's nice to see the French are still holding up their end of the alliance. Lots of Scots actually ended up in exile in France after the 1746 revolution, including, for a while, Bonnie Prince Charlie. So glad you were able to go and take a few friends with you. Looks like a great setting for a Games! We'll convert everyone yet!
L/Elle (history nut and Highland games advocate.)