June 11, 2007

Answers #3

Received a question about the home and apartment styles in this region, as well other questions about the residents. When looking at the majority of homes around this region, am immediately struck by the similarities between old (1800's), ancient (18th century and older), and new construction. Most homes are of a tan or beige stucco-type exterior, with a few stone homes of the same color. The majority of homes have red rounded clay tiles, with a few structures built with slate (shiny gray) tile roofs. Not yet seen USA-style standard shingle homes. Some homes have an obvious Spanish influence in the design, and some seem almost of Gothic or Craftsman style in the use of wooden supports under the eaves. Many people here live in apartments or homes of various sizes, and most people of working age have to commute to the nearby larger communities for work. Other than small, privately-owned businesses, (motorcycle repair, bakery, hairstylists, butcher), and government businesses, (Post Office, City Hall, Visitor's Center), there is no "industry" in this area other than farming.


Anonymous said...

Are there any mall or shoopping center type places in the area or is it all independent stores?

L2 said...

So commuting is a big deal there, too, huh? With the price of gas, do people carpool or take buses/trains, etc.? Enjoyed the photo of the smart car. Very cute! L/Elle

P.S. Mom really enjoyed reading the copies I made for her. I'll try to pass them on to the moms.