June 12, 2007

Answers #4

Culture shock from not driving? Well, I love to drive, and not jumping into into a car and driving somewhere would sound rather shocking, but no I have not missed it yet. Most people in town have at least one car or truck, and yes there are a few monster-sized vehicles, but they are odd to see, and not many around. A few bus routes run through this town to other larger cities, and the buses are usually pretty full. Culture shock from not working? No, go for walks or bike rides and take pictures, or try to converse with business owners and residents in a somewhat recognizable fashion. Signed up for an online college course and will be taking a classroom course when I return, so I am preparing for some topics by studying online. I like doing "nothing" (just ask my co-workers). Am I meditating? Maybe, or perhaps just "stopping" to reflect on career and consider future options without interruptions such as telephone, or TV, or junk food, or junk mail. What do I miss? Family and friends - in person, although the email has been outstanding. Maybe Mexican food, (more obvious since another classmate is currently going through withdrawal at a much worse level), maybe our cat; since we do not have a pet here, but are happy to welcome the instructor's cat, "Turnbuckle" when she visits our garden from four doors down. What am I considering changing when I return home? Well, if we don't move the TV completely out, at least to a farther corner of the house. Do we need a bunch of never-used stuff, clothes we seldom wear, and do we need to drive cars to close-by targets; such as work? I may be streamlining when I return, because I haven't missed not having that stuff here. As for "...where's the closest golf course...?" The nearest "Championship Golf Course" is 25 minutes by car - sorry. Next blog? What I DO have here. M

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