September 26, 2010

Ten Surprises

A friend in China was challenged to blog "10 surprising things" about herself.
She then challenged her readers to do the same.
Sounds like a nice way to rack my brain.

Ten Surprises:

#1 Both my mom and dad were in the military during WW II.
They both recommended I NOT join the military.

#2 I like spiders.

#3 I wish I could wear my crazy flip-flops year-round,
because I'm not a fan of socks.

#4 My grandmother loved to travel, my mom is outspoken,
my father perfected mellow; and I hope I am a good mix of all three.

#5 Life is too serious; I hope I never lose my sense of humor.

#6 I wish I were a more adventurous eater. I'm picky.

#7 In another life I was probably a cab driver. In Chicago. In the 1920's.

#8 I love Halloween. I love creating costumes.
I love candy corn. And caramel apples.

#9 I hope I never stop driving a stick shift.

#10 My dad probably saved me from drowning at a very young age,
(age 2-3, fell in the river; he pulled me out).
I will always love, and yet respect bodies of water.

#11 BONUS! My first spoken word as a baby wasn't " ma-ma" or "pa-pa"
it was a perfectly pronounced "Airplane"... go figure...

Now your turn - you have my list - share yours!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fun post! Alright, my list will show up on my blog. I also read a post today with a list of "things i love" - maybe I will combine the two. :)