October 04, 2010

San Diego #1

San Diego, California:
(A slower pace than I expected...)

Hillcrest neighborhood,
Balboa Park,
La Jolla Beach, and
walks around the neighborhood.
I liked the mellow vibe,
the ocean breezes,
the friendly residents,
and the wildlife!

Thanks to the instructors and classmates
at Feldenkrais Institute of San Diego;
you all made me feel welcome
and a comfortable part of the group.
I look forward to continuing my training
over the next few years.
And to San Diego;
yours is a wonderful city,
Hillcrest is a warm and mellow place,
and during my future visits I will plan
exploring all of Balboa Park,
checking out the San Diego Zoo,
finally learning to surf (!),
and getting to know more about your great city.

And yet,
arriving in Albuquerque...
I smiled when I looked through the doors
as I exited the airport...
It is nice to get home again.

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