May 01, 2007


"Traveller's Joy" is a small blooming wildflower from Southern Europe/Africa. The plant is found "climbing fences and growing along roadsides", much like what we will be doing in a few weeks, and thus the title.
Currently preparing for 110 days in France, and finishing last minute details before the trip.
Posts to look forward to...
Travel - fun and challenges - looking forward to CDG airport, Paris.
Food - cheese, wine, fresh fruit and vegetables, need I go on?
Language - the one I know; English, and the languages we will be struggling with; French/Italian/Spanish, and maybe British!
ART - frequent updates of J's paintings while at the school, and maybe my sketches along the way.
Yet to meet - classmates, residents, landlords, instructors, animals, and crazy drivers.
Photos - hopefully nothing from within the walls of a French prison...

Let me know what you think, no profanity please!


Anonymous said...

Great site!

L2 said...

Shall we ship you some lucky charms and pop tarts as a care package?