May 14, 2007

Flying the Friendly(?) Skies

Made it to the airport with 2 carry-ons and two checked bags - all under the maximum weight!
First flight out at 5:30, Michigan at 8 pm, and London to Paris by tomorrow afternoon.
Older couple in line behind us while we checked in - with the questions they had about flying - maybe the airport should consider a passenger liaison to assist with questions/concerns prior to checking in. The two behind us had questions about the number of bags allowed, how to use the kiosk, what "overbooked" meant on the posting for their flight, all the way down to "are you two flying to South Carolina too?" Meanwhile an elderly lady with her (grand)daughter was trying to check in ahead of us, but she had no driver's license, no photo ID, and the (grand)daughter was getting loud and frustrated. I plan to utilize the quiet , polite and helpful personality to get to my final destination. Wish us luck!
Bon Voyage.

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Anonymous said...

I give the airline staff much credit for remaining so calm when passengers get angry at them for things beyond the staff's control. Calm and polite has always worked better. Here's hoping you had smooth flights.