June 15, 2007

Bringing up Conversation

Wacky day today - brisk winds, temps mid 60's to 70's, rain, clouds, 2-3 minutes of sun, rain, clouds, repeat all day. Have been reading some other blogs out there, impressed with those stories from individuals who are able to constantly travel; pilots, nurses, professors, and others. Some blogs focus on political differences and difficulties, some on beauty, and yet other blogs live and thrive on the comments and photographs of others. Had some questions that have proven difficult to fully answer: #1 History: Dry, encylopeadic history is not difficult to find - Yes, able to find images of bombed out areas of France during lots of different wars, in fact my photo of the Saumur bridge over the Loire River had a much different look (from a Google Image search), in late June 1940, when it was bombed to discourage tanks from taking over, but I want to be able to tell the stories from the people, and that is the difficult task - #2 Conversations: French culture limits some conversations that would be easy in USA - employment, wages, living arrangements, family history may all prove to be taboo subjects with some residents. But I will strive to try and get some personal stories and photographs. Photo for today - taken at 10:30 p.m. yesterday from our balcony - storms moved in yesterday and stayed around for today. Stay tuned. M


Anonymous said...

hi, sunny and about 93 degrees here. we need rain. got your post card of the pool, have you been in it very much.


M said...

No, as of yet no pool time - currently open only Wednesdays and weekends - either out of town or lousy weather on those days. Pool opens daily late June, I may wait for then.

Anonymous said...

Just finished going through your blog and enjoyed every page. Took a while for me to figure it out and but did read it all and enjoyed the photo gallery. Loved the old stone walls and buildings, things we would probably tear down here! I love to photograph Wabi Sabi things. Can't wait to see some portraits of the people in the village. Your journal brought back many memories of our trip to Germany ad France a few years ago. Grocery stores and bakeries fascinated me too. Enjoy your adventure. You will never be quite the same. DEE