June 20, 2007

Cat Cafe

Bike trip to Thouars today - 21 km/each way, took the other loaner bike which seemed lighter, seat is more comfortable, and it has a nice box on the back to haul stuff. Breezy/cool, overcast most of the day. Arrived just as the flea market was closing from 11:30-2 p.m. for lunch, so cruised around the town for a bit - another medieval town on a hill, which offered a true medieval structure still standing near the town's largest cathedral. Joined a "new friend" for a quick Coca-cola (he was sitting there first, I just joined him at the table...) After checking out the junk at the flea market, admired some lavender across the road - then headed home. I am no Lance, that's for sure. M


L2 said...

Love the cat! He looks so grave and serious - like he's about to lead up a board meeting! l/elle

l2 said...

On second thought, I've decided his expression is that of a boss who has called an underling into his office. "Fred, I'd like to talk about your performance with this company . . . "