June 28, 2007

A French Monster

Since the Clock Contest is about a monster, and "Time" terrorizes everyone...
My entry for the "Monster Contest" is from French legend:
I checked French Monsters in History and came up with a description of La Bête du Gévaudan, ("The Beast of Gevaudan") a "terror which reigned between 1764 and 1767", a wolf-like monster who lay claim to 100 killings in a small area of France.

OK, so the description is a little depressing, but some history is good to know.

I am enjoying the current roster of votes - hoping for about 20 to choose from, so keep 'em coming. Another beautiful sunset from the 20th of June - Ahhhhhh...


Kim G said...

Another name: Adolph. That goes well with my bribe, don't you think?
Kim G

K said...

Floyd. (He IS pink, after all)

Anonymous said...

The sunset is beautiful, as far as the "French Monster", he is just down right ugly.


L/Elle said...

History: Sounds like a french version of the werewolf legend.

Cat Name: Can you enter your own contest?

Also the Amazon gift certificate was NOT a bribe. But there might be some Red Hots in it for you . . .Ha! Lisa

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the pictures! Thinking of getting my watercolors out and painting a few. I will add some Lemon Drops to Lisa's Red Hots!