June 07, 2007

You Tell Me...

From the Farmer's Market this morning...
Went for more flea market finds with one of the instructors and his friend from Seattle. Many of the towns have these flea market/goodwill locations, this one was established by a local priest, and has grown to enormous proportions. Good news and bad news, though: Good news; they had amazing things, bright and shining in the sun and in the 2-3 large buildings. Bad news; they were closed on Thursdays, (gate was open to allow for deliveries, and that is how we "snuck" in) - so they did allow us to wander and look at a few items before being ushered out. May try to get back on one of their open days.
Gotten a few wheels spinning on the home front for future plans, and hope, with more time here, more ideas for my future will become evident.
Need some help with the blog, though - looking for ideas and suggestions of what people want to know about this area of southwest France, or what situations that are different or similar to USA. As to some questions received: "...how about the chocolate?" The chocolate is rich, dark, offers a sweet/mildly bitter flavor with some, and the glace (ice cream) is amazing. Tried three different places for chocolate ice cream, along with a coconut that offers small chunks (not flakes), of coconut in a very rich creamy base, and a mildly sweet pistacio; creamier than anything ever in the USA. We are usually stretching our legs when we stop for ice cream - so as of yet, no guilt!
So ask away, "you tell me", what do you want to know?


Kim G said...

OK you asked. Do they have tornados there? How are the drivers there? Are you bored or just rested and enjoying life? You know we always hear that French people don't like American's. Do you see that at all? I am curious about "your future plans"?

Anonymous said...

So, could you live there permanently?