July 19, 2007

Once a Lifeguard, Always a Lifeguard

Quiet week at Argenton-Chateau. Visited pool twice this week, and need to note a few differences: Town's outdoor pool was probably constructed in 1960's or '70's, and is built of brick - covered in many layers of waterproof paint. It is an "organic" design, free-formed, non-symmetrical rounded shape, gradual shallow to deep in a flowing design. Attached are three water slides (also of brick construction) that flow down a hillside adjacent to a wading pool. No ladders, just a gradual slope (like a beach) to enter the pool at any depth. Small diving platform about 3 feet above deep end. 2.50 Euros for adult admission. Building entrance opens into a community area with private dressing rooms, mens restroom on left, womens on right, but those entrance doors are always open, and certain, ahhh, umm... mens facilities are always within view. Two smaller rooms with benches along the walls - one for men, and one for women; also never saw those doors closed. To the point? Unusual to see a unisex pool house. Showers are within view of deck = shower in your suit. Rules? None posted, although I did break one rule on the first visit. Carried my items onto deck while swimming, and put on shoes prior to leaving deck ...NO shoes on deck! Never hear lifeguard raise his voice, and heck, not even wearing a whistle. Horseplay? OK. Carrying others on your shoulders? OK. Running on deck? OK. Food and drink on deck? OK. Public displays of affection lasting 20 minutes or more in or out of water? OK. Spitting water at each other? OK. Holding others under water? OK. Three or more off diving platform at a time? OK. Headfirst, tailfirst, or sideways down slides? OK. Want a pool chair? Gotta pay for it. Shade? No, not really. "Marco Polo" Games? No, does not seem to exist here... As a lifeguard from USA, just one question: Where do I sign up?


Kim G said...

Hilarious! At least they have a lifeguard. Is the pool a bug hang out for the youth? Do they have any rules about staying within 3 feet of a child under 7? I hate that American rule.
Kim G.

M said...

No I believe parents probably drop off their children at the pool in late May and plan on picking them up in early August. Only saw a few parents there - and what looked like either a church group or a youth-camp of around a dozen kids all about 4-13 with one adult who may or may not decide to come into the pool area with them...
Also did not see anyone (other than myself) beyond their mid 40's. M