July 27, 2007


Coco Puffs.


Joe said...

Josh and I played at Midcoast's Final Friday at Bucktown last evening. Camille and John (Camille's brother or Dad?) SantAmour and Tim (Camille's husband) VanHyfte were the artists whose work is on display in the gallery space on 2nd floor.

Both Camille and Tim worked at Dick Blick's. Bruce Carter, Greg Pelos, and Shelley Voss were there. Naturally, Marge and Dean Schroeder, too. Terry Rathje, Tammi and Steve Schmidt. There was a painting of sunflowers that I think John Santamour did. VanGogh came to mind when I saw it and your sunflower photos.

Over the year's I've really come to believe that we're always where we're at at just the right time. There is no wrong time. We're never doing anything when we shouldn't but rather when we should.

After all, "What should it be if if shouldn't be fun?" John Hartford from the tune, 24 Polecat Skins on a Chevy Camaro. Life's short and challenging enough that Hartford's line makes a lot of sense to me. So, rejoice and be glad, smile and laugh, paint and photograph, share and love. "All you need is Love!" John Lennon.

John, your artistic skill amd level is so high. You won't have any trouble finding work. Look at where you've been and your journey to where you're at. What you share in the future, however you share it, whether through teaching, commission work, your own work, will be a blessing to all who benefit from, receive from and/or cross paths with you. The both of you! So, whatever you do, don't hesitate to (this is so cliche' and I used to holler at the girls when they refused to do something) do it, JUST DO IT!

You're both wonderful and talented people. Don't hide your talents. Share them and watch them grow!

Joe said...

MOnster Cat name: Pinkee le Pew

Kim G said...

Can I just say that my food guesses were not based on the picture. For some reason, the pictures don't always show up and I could not see the picture of the food.
Was it actual American version
Coco Puffs?
Kim G.