August 31, 2007

To Do

What would you do with your life if you knew you would not fail?
From Studio Escalier alumni; Tanza

"Paint, dance and travel around the world"

Other items of the day: (Or, To do - first full day back in the USA).

Surprises when we returned after 110 days in France?
A bridge that was not completed when we left is now completed.
Car dealership where there had been none.
Hardware store where there had been none.
Gas station opening at the end of our block.
Other surprises?
After being awake for 24 hours yesterday - slept fine and woke without the alarm at 5 a.m. - went out for breakfast with friends at 6:30,
lunch with friends at noon,
and considering taking in a movie (with popcorn and everything) early this evening.

Other thoughts about France/travel:
Getting used to driving/traffic in the U.S., (and yes, we do still know how to drive a clutch).
Croissants in the U.S. are not as good as French croissants,
(although maybe they were fresh this morning, and it is now 4 p.m.)
People seem to be more in a hurry; holiday weekend?
Family life/and children, seems the same here and there.

A lot of mail can pile up in 110 days.
It is almost fun to open mail for 1-2 hours.

Several hundred years of a city being a city affects the landscape;
skinny streets, winding avenues, buildings close together,
ancient reminders of other times in the stones and architecture,
and a certain historical pride in the people.

Will chat again, soon - have to catch a movie!

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Kim G said...

So nice to read your blog and not have to figure out what time it is in France. Nice having you in the same time zone.
Kim G.