August 28, 2007

What I Would Do If...

What would I do with my life if I knew I would not fail?

From another Studio Escalier alumni:


I guess I´m already doing everything I want,
there is nothing I can think of other than
what I'm doing right now, the problem is
I'm not 100 percent sure what I want
so I just have to go with...
but I think maybe what I want,
(first traveling and then moving to Barcelona to live and work, etc)
and hope it turns out for the best,
and that somewhere along the way
I figure out what that thing I "want" actually is!! ;)

*****Anna, I believe anything you try - you excel. I was immediately impressed with the stories of your travels, and the ease with which you engaged conversations with the residents of Argenton-Chateau. You have a strong spirit, and you care about others - do not ever let that special skill fade. And never be afraid to help others.

Good luck with all you strive to do.

Marty *****

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